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How I clean my room:


•start at one corner
•find something from 5 years ago and stare at it nostalgically for 10 hours
•go to bed

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Glaucous (by Mayo Wo)

ALL BLACK IN LONDON (by Barbora Ondrackova)

Bruno Bernardi


I PROMISE you that every single depressed person has been told to exercise already, you are never ever ever going to be the first person to suggest that to any depressed person ever.

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Chloë Sevigny/Kim Gordon.

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i do not chase people

i do not chase men, and i do not chase friends

hell, i don’t even chase family

i’m here, and i’m important

i’m not running after people to prove that i matter

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Hundreds of people gather in a vigil to honour and remember Tina Fontaine and Faron Hall; both are first nations who were recently found deceased. Tina Fontaine was found in a bag in the river, murdered.

Media reports have come in saying that those marching have filled Portage and Main in Winnipeg.

We need to combat racism and prevent further violence and death to first nations people, but especially women. Canadians should not forget about this.

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"Hatred would have been easier. With hatred, I would have known what to do. Hatred is clear, metallic, one-handed, unwavering; unlike love."
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I see all these punk rock things on my dash and I am okay with that but why do they have literally 300,000 notes but like none of you are even remotely punk? Can there be a rule that says “If you reblog punk rock shit all the time, you can’t also reblog that starbucks venti chai latte.” 


i feel my american-bred sense of entitlement the most when i get annoyed that the ‘united states’ is sorted in alphabetical order on a drop down menu and not just listed at the top

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I love every inch of Kohala Mountain. — photo taken by kl00f


i dont play assassins creed, but is this like the entire plotline or something??