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Found a national treasure

Someone with ello should send me an invite. 


Minneapolis sketch for tonight. 


thoughts I had to do the hardest job at the theater (box and concessions at the same time) but no! I’m actually doing the easiest job(tearing the tickets and pointing people to where they need to go). lol

Supposed to go to my friend’s show tonight. idk I am just feeling like drinking at home. Plus my cousin wants to hang out but she is the worst drunk ever and she pretends that she is having anxiety attacks for attention and I hate that.  


Tim Hildebrandt


nothing compares to that feeling when you discover a new book and it just consumes your life and you literally want to eat and breathe this book and when it’s over you think about it for days and days and the idea of reading a new book repulses you because all you can think about is the flawlessness that was the book that you just read.

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Werk It (by Jessica R.)

Wow the best part of having my new cat Bruce is that when Eric is gone, I don’t feel so alone.